5 Mistakes A Funeral Officiant Should Never Make

A funeral officiant is often a clergy person who has known and counseled the family of the deceased person in the past. However, sometimes mourners ask a loved one to be the funeral officiant. If you find yourself in the position of officiating a funeral, be sure to learn all about the duties that come with the position, and be sure to avoid these mistakes. Stop! Don't Try to Get Personally Involved in Funeral Decisions Read More 

Boat Maintenance Tips To Avoid The Need For Repairs

Your boat can easily be one of your most important and valuable possessions. Additionally, a boat can also be extremely complicated and maintenance intensive, and improper maintenance can contribute to the need for the boat to undergo lengthy and expensive repairs. There are several ways that you will be able to minimize the risk of needing these repairs done to your boat. Care For The Interior Of The Boat When maintaining a boat, people often pay almost exclusive attention to the mechanical components and the exterior of the boat. Read More 

Four Reasons It’s Important To Get A Second Medical Opinion

A serious medical diagnosis can be upsetting. Your first thoughts may be to ignore your health or, conversely, to immediately do whatever the doctor recommends so that you can be done with your health issues as soon as possible. However, neither of these are likely to be the best response. For any serious medical condition or one that will require a lengthy course of treatment, it's important for many reasons to get the opinion of a second doctor. Read More