Preventing Criminal Activity In Parking Lots: 3 Parking Lot Security Systems To Have

Parking lots are prime locations for crimes, and 80% of all criminal acts that happen at shopping centers, strip malls, business offices and other small business areas take place in the parking lot. These criminal acts reflect poorly on your company's business image, and may even prevent potential clients and customers from trusting in your abilities. As a result, it is crucial that you do not cheap out on parking lot security systems. In particular, here are 3 popular choices.

Having an Attendant Always Available in Guard Booths

Many companies have standard manned guard booths that are set up at the entrances and exits of the parking lot. If you will be charging for the parking space, you want to make sure that you have security attendants present in the guard booths to ensure that vehicles are able to enter and exit smoothly, and that all payments go through with ease, especially if you take cash payments. The attendants at the guard booths can screen those who are entering and exiting your parking lot, and keep an eye out for any trouble that may happen. 

Guard booths can be made from a wide array of materials — aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and many others. For additional security, some guard booths possess bulletproof glass windows. The guard booths normally control the swing arm at the gate to prevent unauthorized access. To prevent unauthorized access that has resulted from tailgating, some security companies recommend installing speed bumps right before the swing arm to slow all vehicles down. Choose guard booths with 360-degree visibility for enhanced security. 

Recording Everything that Happens with Surveillance Cameras

Criminals are less likely to target your parking lot if they are well aware that they are being recorded, and that the surveillance tapes can be used against them as evidence in court. You want to make sure that there are surveillance cameras installed in all corners of the parking lot, and that they will be capable of monitoring everything that happens at all times. The security cameras should be placed in areas that are well lit, although there are some models that have night vision capabilities.

Depending on the layout of the parking lot, some security companies recommend installing motion sensor surveillance cameras. These cameras will only record when there is action in the parking lot. To ensure that there is proper lighting, so that the surveillance cameras can easily record everything that is happening, mount pole lights at a minimum height of 20 feet in the parking lot. 

Hiring Security Guards to Patrol the Parking Lot

Last but not least, hire security guards that will patrol the parking lot at various intervals in order to prevent criminal acts from happening. The security guards are responsible for investigating all suspicious activity and making sure that there is nothing out of the ordinary. Depending on the level of security required, you will need to find security guards with a license to carry different types of firearms. 

In addition, there are many security companies that will send out trained patrols dogs that will patrol the entire premise of the parking lot with the security guards. Patrols dogs are able to sense even the slightest disturbances and alert their handlers. These acute detection services can greatly reduce the risk of crime. 


Having security in your parking lot can help reduce the risk of crime, and also increase the confidence that your clients and customers have with your business. Keep in mind that you may also be liable for some criminal acts that occur on your property. Ensuring that you have proper security systems in place can help reduce liability. 

For more information, contact experienced security companies in your area.