Inspiring Motivation And Health In The Workplace: Office Furniture Trends To Consider

Office jobs may often be linked with thoughts of a drab cubicle and a mundane workflow. The problem with the office scene is not necessarily that the job itself is mundane. The office furniture that surrounds you can have a huge impact on how attentive you are and how stressed out you feel. For that reason, there are a few furniture options that can help creative a healthier, more motivational office space for you and your coworkers.

From Sitting to Standing

Have you ever been called into a meeting only to find yourself zoning out? As you sit around the large table in the meeting room, you make every attempt to listen to the points your boss tries to make. Unfortunately, your brain is slowly losing the motivation to listen. Interestingly enough, sitting down may be the reason why you find yourself zoning out at work.

Many people have reported that working while standing increases their ability to concentrate. Fortunately for people like you, one office furniture trend to pay attention to is a convertible sit-to-stand workstation or table. The convertible tables allow you to adjust yourself between sitting and standing positions so that you do not remain slouched over in front of your work desk all day long.

Adjustable tables are also available for meeting spaces. Not only will you have the ability to reduce the likelihood of zoning out during a standup meeting, you will also be able to enjoy shorter, more productive meetings. Standing promotes blood flow through your circulatory system, which in turn promotes a sense of wakefulness that allows you to pay better attention.

In truth, prolonged sitting is unhealthy for the body, not just the mind. The average American spends approximately 7.7 hours of their day in sedentary positions, which includes sitting. Sitting for a prolonged period can increase the likelihood of death in both men and women compared to those who are more active throughout the day. Perhaps that is the reason approximately 67% of office employees would prefer it if they had adjustable desks in the workplace.

From Sitting to Moving

Prolonged sitting can harm both your physical and mental state of well-being. Sitting is linked a wide number of problems, which includes:

  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Back, Neck, and Spinal Pain

When it comes to women, one study revealed that women who sat for over seven hours daily showed an increased depression risk of 47% compared to women who only sat for four hours and less throughout the day. Depression can decrease productivity, therefore harming not only you but the overall work environment.

Companies only benefit if their employees offer high productivity levels. If you are instead feeling depressed, it could lead to a world of problems ranging from lost wages to even the loss of your job. Fortunately, office furniture trends can provide a viable solution to the problem. As previously mentioned, standing is a good way to combat the negative effects of sitting, but why not take it a step further?

Exercise is another great way to combat problems with prolonged sitting. Of course, it may seem impossible to exercise while you are at work, right? Wrong! Thanks to the use of exercise bikes and treadmills with built-in workstations, you can melt away stress and depression with exercise while continuing your daily work activities at the same time.

Exercise equipment with built-in workstations provides you with a way to mount portable devices such as laptops and tablets to a cradle in order to continue working while you walk, job, or peddle out your workplace frustrations. Exercise releases your body's natural endorphins, which helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

Exercise also has the ability to make you more alert, therefore improving your ability to concentrate. Making use of exercise equipment in the workplace can improve your heart rate, therefore allowing your body to burn off calories and fat. Considering that prolonged sitting increases issues with obesity, it is important to incorporate furniture that helps combat the issue.

If you are interested in learning more ways you can improve your office space with trendy office furniture, contact a manufacturer or dealer for information. A professional can walk you through viable options to help you make the right choice for yourself and your coworkers.