Are Your Products “Oddly Shaped Ducks”? Three Ways You Can Safely Ship Them

There are so many products on the market that have odd shapes. One wonders how things were ever packaged before plastic created the blister pack. If you also have to ship several odd-shaped items daily, you might be scrambling for packaging ideas. The following three ways to ship your oddly-shaped products should help you immensely.

Blister Packs

In order to make objects easier to ship in traditional shipping boxes, you may have to first package the items in blister packs. Blister packaging is plastic that encases the objects, either in a clamshell formation or top and bottom sections that are specially made to encase the products. The edges of blister packs are heat-sealed so that the packs cannot open during shipping and will require a very sharp implement to release the products from their packaging. They help make oddly-shaped items more square, cuboidal or rectangular so that they can fit inside traditional shipping boxes.    

Dropping the Items Into Oversized Boxes with Tons of Packing Peanuts

Another approach to shipping oddly-shaped products is to use oversized boxes. These boxes are filled halfway with packing peanuts. Then the products are inserted into the middle of the packing peanuts. Next, the box is filled the rest of the way with packing peanuts and the box is closed and taped shut. This ensures that almost nothing is able to break the product inside, but it is a much more expensive solution because you are essentially paying to ship empty space. Also, really heavy and oddly-shaped items are not recommended for this type of shipping solution because the weight of the products may cause them to fall through the bottoms of the boxes during shipping. Individually shaped boxes that fit snugly around the products are better for heavy products of unusual shape.

Specialty Corrugated Boxes

These boxes (from an outlet such as are designed, constructed and imprinted by a company that specializes in odd packaging. Your products could be shaped like giant "X's" or be partly round and partly angular and these companies would still be able to create a corrugated box to package and ship everything. You may even request preprinted shipping info right on the boxes, which means that your product packaging and shipping box are a two-in-one. That feature allows you to bypass the notion that you first have to package the products and then you have to find a way to ship them in their odd-duck packaging. The corrugated boxes are also recyclable.