Three Ways To Approach Building A Collection Of German Military Badges

If you're keen on building a collection of military artifacts and have decided to focus on German badges, it's a good idea to set a specific goal on how you'll approach this collection. The broad concept of collecting as many German military badges as you can get is fine, but your collection can lack focus. Instead, it can be fun to narrow down the type of collection that you'll start to put together in a number of different ways. Once you've identified how you'll set up your collection, you can then begin to browse online and in-person stores to find the badges that you need. Here are three ways of setting up your collection.

By Time Frame

An effective way to focus your collection is to choose a specific time frame. Obvious choices are the First or Second World Wars, given the notoriety of these global conflicts. There are many other choices for you, however. For example, you could choose to collect Cold War-era East or West German badges if this time period is of particular interest to you. You might even want to put together a collection of modern-era badges. Being focused in this manner helps you to stay on task and build a cohesive collection.

By Military Branch

Another way that you can approach your collection of German military badges is to choose a specific branch of the military to collect. For example, you might look for badges from the army, air force, or navy. Or, you might try to get even more specific and choose badges from a specific branch of the special forces. Take some time to read about the history of these different branches, and you may find that one of them jumps out to you as being more interesting. This can foster a passion for building your collection.

By Military Campaign

If you've decided that you'll try to collect badges from a conflict such as the Second World War, you may still want to narrow down your focus to some degree. One way that you can achieve this goal is to select a specific campaign that has interested you. For example, if you're focusing on the Second World War, you might attempt to collect badges from the Africa campaign or perhaps from the invasions of Poland and/or France. Having this focus can especially be handy if you find yourself shopping at a store that has a broad selection, as you may be able to filter the results to see only the badges that are applicable to your collection.