4 Items That Will Make RV Camping Easier On Your Body

Setting off on a camping trip in your RV is certainly fun. But it can also be rather challenging on your body! If you arrive back from every camping trip feeling exhausted, sore, and strained, you need to make a change. Here are four items that will make the RV camping experience easier on your body.

A Hitchgrip Carrying Tool

Carrying the awkwardly shaped hitch assembly to your truck, trying to hold it in place while you attach it, and then doing it all again when you detach it can be really hard on your back. A HitchGrip carrying tool is basically a big handle that attaches to your hitch assembly. It allows you to carry the hitch box via a comfortable handle. You can also use the same handle to manipulate your hitch into place so you don't have to strain your wrists or hands in doing so. You can leave the HitchGrip attached throughout your camping trip, making every hitching and unhitching experience simpler.


Do you feel like you spend your entire RV trip walking back and forth to the office and other destinations because you forget something every time you go? This walking could be part of why you're so sore. Pack a pair of walkie-talkies the next time you go RVing. You can keep one in your pocket at all times, and one of your companions can also have one. This will prevent a lot of walking back and forth to ask questions and retrieve something you forgot.

Lightweight Chairs and Table

Setting up your outdoor chairs and table can also take its toll on your body if you're still lugging around metal frame furniture that weighs 20 pounds a piece. Switch to lightweight furniture, which is made with either aluminum or vinyl frames and lightweight material. You won't strain your back or arms when you bend over to fold and unfold it.

Rolling Coolers

Picking up a cooler to relocate it further down your campsite or to store it under the RV during a rainstorm can be hard on your body. If you do not already have rolling coolers, upgrading is totally worth it. You will have a much easier time moving the fully loaded cooler with some wheels and a handle to help you out.

With the items above, your RV adventures will not be so hard on you physically, which just means you can go more often!