How To Get Your Labradoodle Breeding Business Noticed In Your Community

Being a breeder of a designer dog, such as the labradoodle, can be profitable: some designer pups are worth even more than their purebred parents are. In the dog breeding world, the right combination of popular breeds can be financially worth it: people may be lining up to buy your pups before they're even born, which brings you financial security and allows you to keep your prices competitive and in your favor.

Still, since breeding designer dogs — technically not breeds of dog until they are recognized by the AKC — can be much cheaper than breeding purebred dogs but as profitable, there may be more than one breeder in your area promoting their beautiful dogs. How do you make your labradoodle business stand out in your community? Here is a guide to help you make the most of your dog breeding business so you sell pups quickly and to great homes.

Keep your business transparent

Your dog breeding company needs to be transparent. You should be willing to show potential buyers the parents of the pups, where the pups are raised, and how you take care of the facility where your pups are taken care of. The more transparent you can be, the more trust you can build with potential customers, which can lead to a better sale.

Keep socializing and training your pups

Labradoodles are known to be adorable when grown and gentle yet fun for families. People seeking this type of dog typically want a labradoodle breeder who socializes their pups and trains them to not go to the bathroom inside and to have basic leash commands. The more you socialize your pups to be kid-friendly and properly trained to be indoors, the more likely you can stand out among other breeders, particularly labradoodle breeders who don't spend much time with their dogs.

Keep advertising your puppies/parents live

The best way to get your labradoodle breeding business noticed in your community is this: actively advertise your business live by taking your labradoodle pups and their parents everywhere with you. This helps you not only socialize your pups on walks and community events, but it also allows people to see how your dogs interact with others and creates community curiosity. For example, take a few labradoodle pups with you to a local baseball game or walking path; people will naturally want to engage with your puppies and can turn into customers once they know you breed labradoodles.