Starting Your Career As An Owner Operator

Making the decision to invest in your own commercial truck can allow you to take advantage of a range of new opportunities that would have otherwise been unavailable to you. While this investment can open new doors for your career as a truck driver, it is important to be sure that you are ready for what can be involved with this transition.

Appreciate The Importance Of Having A Set Schedule

One of the most important benefits of becoming an owner-operator is that you will have tremendous control over the schedule that you must follow. While this can be a financial boon to individuals with a strong work ethic, it is still important to make sure that you are balancing your personal and family needs as well. By creating a set schedule for when you will work and be off, you can make it possible to more easily balance these competing needs without sacrificing earnings or your quality of life.  

Be Thoughtful As To The Amount Of Insurance That You Carry

As an owner-operator, you are likely to be responsible for the insurance that you are carrying. Unfortunately, carrying too little insurance can actually hold you back as some clients will have minimum amounts of insurance that their truck drivers will need to carry. In order to both ensure that you are protected while also keeping your options as open as possible, you should make an investment in buying the most insurance coverage that you will be able to afford. While the monthly payments will be more, being protected against the liabilities that a truck driver can face will be worth this investment.

Stay On The Lookout For New Truck Driving Opportunities

When you are an independent owner-operator, it will be your responsibility to regularly search for work opportunities. This can ensure that you will have a steady stream of work available to you. To this end, there are a number of services that you can use that will have open opportunities for truck drivers. Furthermore, there are services that can make it possible for drivers to be referred driving opportunities. This can be a very convenient option, but these services will take a cut. Depending on the amount of the cut, you may find that a listing service can provide you with more profitable driving opportunities, but it will require you to make the effort to respond to these opportunities and to be approved for them.

Look for owner-operator truck driving opportunities in your area.