Honor Your Youth Team Members

Hosting an annual awards ceremony that highlights your youth team members' contributions and personal growth throughout a sporting season is a great way to make the team players feel special and could encourage the children to continue participating in the sport. Decide what type of ceremony to host and the manner in which you would like to recognize the children's talents.

Photos And Details

Throughout the sporting season, you may have taken some photos of the children, and these can be incorporated into each award that will be given out. For instance, a group photo that includes all of the team members could be added to a large wooden plaque and metal tags or engraving can be added underneath the photo, listing each child's name and team number. A group award can be displayed inside of your sporting complex, allowing the children to view it frequently. 

For individual plaques that will be given out to each of the children, smaller wooden plaques that contain engraving may be of interest. Compile a list of details that will ultimately go on each award. With any type of plaque that will feature a digital image, you can customize how large a photo will be and its location on the plaque.

Other Award Options

Consider purchasing some glass plaques or ones that feature a lightweight material and unique size. Plaques are typically hung from a wall, but there are some other display methods that you may prefer more. A stand would work well for a small plaque style that is going to be displayed on a shelf or one that contains a metal base will allow an award to be displayed without the support of any other materials.

Metal tags that can be clipped to sports bags or buttons or pins that can be secured to sports uniforms are some other award options that will likely be less expensive than a standard plaque style and can be utilized by the members of your team on multiple occasions.

Revealing The Items

Prior to placing an order for custom award materials, make sure that every child is accounted for. If you decide to hand out plaques that are representative of each member's personal achievements, order items that contain an equal amount of inscriptions, photos, or embellishments.

This will prevent any of the children from feeling less appreciated than the others. After acquiring the awards, decide the order in which you will announce each child's name during an awards ceremony. A ceremony can be held after a sporting event or directly after a sports season has ended.

To get custom plaques for your team, talk to a supplier in your area.