Replacing Missing Teeth With A Dental Implant Procedure

The effects that you can experience from a missing tooth can range from purely cosmetic to functional. While this is a problem that may seemingly be unable to be addressed, a dental implant can represent a discrete repair option for any of your missing teeth.

Myth: A Dental Implant Will Look Very Different From Your Natural Teeth

Any tooth replacement solution that you are considering will need to be able to offer a discrete repair option. A dental implant can represent one of the most discrete and natural-looking replacement options for any missing tooth. This is partially a result of these implants being placed in the gums, which can allow them to blend with your natural gumline more easily. Furthermore, the color of the implant can be adjusted so that it will match the natural color of the rest of your teeth.

Myth: Dental Implants Will Not Be Able To Be Combined With Dentures

While dental implants can be some of the most discrete and effective replacement options for missing teeth, they can also be among the more costly options. For those that are missing numerous teeth, this can represent a challenge. However, it is possible to combine dental implants with bridges and dentures so that a patient will be able to restore their smile while minimizing the costs that they will have to pay. This is achieved by attaching the bridges or dentures to the implants. Due to this step, the implants will need to have fully healed and bonded with the jaw bone before the bridge can be connected to them.

Myth: Every Patient Can Receive A Dental Implant

Regretfully, it is a reality that there are some patients that will experience dental problems that may complicate the process of placing the dental implant. One of the most common complications that can prevent a dental implant from being used will be severe periodontal disease, as this could have weakened the jaw bone enough to prevent it from being able to support the implant. Visiting a clinic that offers dental implant surgery can allow the implant site to be inspected to verify that it can support the placement of the implant and the artificial tooth.

Myth: A Dental Implant Will Not Need To Be Brushed

The artificial tooth and the implant itself are not susceptible to the type of decay that your natural teeth may experience. However, it is still necessary to brush and floss the implants. This will prevent bacteria from the implant potentially causing gum disease or even abscesses to form.