3 Popular Applications Of Coastal And Marine Recycled Plastic Textiles

Today, the focus on utilizing more sustainable materials has gained tremendous momentum across different industries. The practice of manufacturing useful products from coastal and marine recycled plastics has become more popular than before. Companies are now embracing the collection and complete transformation of plastic waste littered in various water bodies to manufacture high-quality, friendlier textiles for the environment. Such fabrics can be used for a wide range of applications. Read on to learn more about them:

Clothing and Footwear

Textiles manufactured from coastal and marine recycled plastics are commonly used in producing clothing and footwear. Knit fabrics are formed by melting plastic waste and spinning them into yarn, among many other textiles. The product is then used to make various wearable items, including denim, uniforms, shoes, and suits.  Because the fabrics are designed from highly durable materials, the clothing provides the highest quality for longer. Additionally, footwear, including athletic boots, casual sneakers, and formal shoes, can be manufactured from coastal and marine recycled plastics.

Upholstery and Window Covers

Another typical use for coastal and marine recycled plastics is the design of residential and commercial upholstery and window coverings. These materials are generally lightweight and have excellent resistance to bacteria, stains, and flames. They are excellent when looking for greater functionality and sustainability. The durability and strength of coastal and marine recycled plastic textiles make them a dependable choice for multiple locations, including hospitals, offices, corporate spaces, and hotels.

Luggage and Bags 

Coastal and marine recycled plastic textiles are also popularly used to manufacture bags and luggage. These fabrics are excellent options because of their structural integrity. This quality allows them to be used for more extended travel periods. They can be designed in softer or hard-shell styles for backpacks and purses as well. Recycled plastics can be made in various colors, designs, or patterns. That means bags and luggage designed from coastal and marine recycled plastics are aesthetically pleasing and custom-designed to match the buyers' taste. 

Final Thoughts 

While there are numerous applications and uses of coastal and marine recycled plastic textiles, these three are the most common. These materials are vital in making the environment much safer and cleaner. Many companies are creating and manufacturing innovative products from these plastics and contributing to cleaner water bodies. Furthermore, collecting them from the oceans and marine environment helps protect aquatic life. You can also contribute positively by collecting coastal and marine plastics and recycling them into valuable products. 

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