Everything You Need To Know About Mailing Tubes

When you are a kid, receiving a package shipped in a mailing tube was a treat. In fact, with the exception of the refrigerator box, there is no greater cardboard packaging. A mailing tube can be used as a sword to fight imaginary dragons, a telescope to see distant galaxies, and even as an alphorn to signal passing shepherds. As an adult, mailing tubes are still essential, but their purpose is very different.

What are mailing tubes used for?

Mailing tubes, whether cylindrical or triangular in shape, are used to ship products across the country, including posters, unstretched canvas art, blueprints, and other similar items. The unique shape and sturdy nature of mailing tubes make them well-suited for the task.

Will USPS ship mailing tubes?

In addition to international carriers, your local post office can ship mailing tubes as well. The USPS states that mailing tubes must fit within their size requirements, however. According to the USPS website, mailing tubes must not exceed 108 inches total in overall size. This number is determined by adding the length measurement to that of the girth. The girth is the circumference around the tube, not the diameter, or the measurement across.  

Does the post office sell mailing tubes?

The post office and your local office supply store both sell shipping tubes. If you ship a lot of items in tubes, however, you may want to invest in custom mailing tubes for your business. 

What are the advantages of custom mailing tubes?

When you order custom mailing tubes, there are many advantages for your small business, including:

  • Size. Custom mailing tubes allow you to select the exact size you need for your packaging. When you use the right size custom tubes, your product has a snug fit and avoids getting damaged from rolling around. Additionally, you can save money on shipping by only paying for the length and girth that you need.  
  • Material. Custom tubes also allow you to choose the material that best suits your product. Most tubes are made from white or brown cardboard, but custom tubes allow you a greater variety, including fiber tubes, telescoping tubes, and metal end caps for added strength and durability. 
  • Color. Businesses large and small need to take advantage of every opportunity to promote their branding, slogan, and logo to the public to create name recognition. Printing custom tubes for your business is a great way to accomplish this marketing goal

Custom tubes not only save you money but also make you look good in the process. 

Is it more expensive to ship a tube than a box?

Shipping a tube is no more expensive than shipping a box. Each is priced according to its overall weight and size. When all else is the same, the cost to ship a box versus a tube is negligible. Choose your shipping method based on the right package for the product rather than the minute difference in shipping costs. 

How do you label a shipping tube?

Your options for addressing a custom tube are plentiful. The easiest method is to write directly on the tube. Conversely, you have the option of writing on a blank shipping label, printing a computer-generated label, or even using a custom label printed with your company's color. When you order custom tubes, be sure to have your return address pre-printed on the tube to save yourself a step when shipping the package out. 

Using custom mailing tubes for your business can boost your image while safely delivering your product to customers. And, who knows. Your mailing tube may even be called into service to slay a dragon or two.