Great Advice When Replacing An AC Unit’s Compressor System

You're able to get cool air into your home because of the compressor portion of your AC system. If it ever breaks down completely, you will want to find a replacement soon. You'll be able to work through this process like a pro if you remember a couple of things from the start. 

Consider a Repair First

Before you swap out this compressor system completely, you might want to go the repair route first or at least see if it's even possible. Then you'll do everything you can to save money.

The feasibility of this repair falls on the current condition, performance, and age of the compressor. What is making you want to change out this part and do professionals agree with your decision? Keeping your options open when facing this type of problem will ultimately help you do what's best for your AC system. 

Make Sure the Replacement Accepts the Same Type of Coolant

The main job of a compressor for a residential AC unit is to move refrigerant through the coils for proper cooling. This is going to remain optimal if you make sure the replacement compressor is designed to support the same type of refrigerant.

That's going to help you get the same performance, as well as save you from having to deal with refrigerant compatibility issues. After the replacement compressor is set up, you can just use the same refrigerant as you used before and not experience any issues. 

Hire a Professional HVAC Technician for the Setup

If you pulled the trigger on getting a replacement compressor -- new or reconditioned -- then you want to make sure a professional gets it into the proper position. That's going to save you from having to manipulate a lot of components around the outside unit, as well as ensure this compressor is positioned according to manufacturer standards.

They'll make sure the compressor is firmly positioned and will also test it. This will help verify there aren't other issues happening with your AC unit's ability to create and move cool air into your home. Lastly, hiring a professional for the install of said component is a good idea because they can review the specific replacement compressor you opted to buy and make sure it's right for your AC unit.

If you ever have to replace your AC unit's compressor system, make sure you choose a high-quality model and then exercise the right protocols for getting it in place. These steps will make this part replacement process less stressful and dangerous. 

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