Why You Should Hire a Substance Abuse Professional Provider

Because transport functions are integral to any company's logistics, business managers should ensure their company drivers are not under the influence of any substances that may impair their judgment. Such impairment may compromise public safety, destroy valuable goods, and ruin a company's public image. 

Nonetheless, these negative scenarios are easily avoidable by seeking the services of a qualified substance abuse professional provider. These services provide experts to conduct government-approved DOT drug tests and ascertain whether your employees are fit to carry out safety-sensitive transportation. The professionals play a significant role in deciding whether you should place an employee behind the wheel. Here are some of the benefits of seeking the services of a substance abuse professional provider

Ensure Public Safety

Transportation is a significant safety-sensitive sector that requires businesses to take precautions to ensure public safety. Companies are responsible for ensuring the public's safety since they make up their market. Unfortunately, most fatal accidents are caused by drivers operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol and other drug substances. It is therefore prudent to provide a drug-free transportation system for your business by seeking the services of a substance abuse professional provider. The professional service ensures employees who fail DOT drug tests are barred from driving, thereby ensuring public safety. 

Prevent Losses

Besides causing fatalities, accidents may lead to considerable losses to your business. Employees who operate company vehicles often possess valuable company goods as they transport them from one point to the next. Suppose such individuals have a history of drug abuse — in this case, they may operate the vehicles under the influence and cause an accident which may damage the company car and goods in their possession, leading to huge losses. A substance abuse professional provider helps prevent such losses for your business. The service ensures that employees you hire for transportation jobs pass DOT drug tests, thus ensuring your assets are in good hands. 

Avoid Legal Liability

The government requires employers to conduct DOT drug tests on employees who carry out safety-sensitive transportation through prescribed laws and regulations. The tests should be performed before employing personnel and periodically during their employment to enhance public safety. Failure to conduct such tests can put you at crossroads with the government and earn you hefty fines or jail time. Similarly, if you fail to conduct DOT drug tests and your employee causes an accident while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may be vicariously liable for their actions. Therefore, don't take the risk. Hire substance abuse professional providers and remain compliant with government regulations.