5 Reasons To Put Dash Cams In All Of Your Fleet Vehicles

As a business owner that provides a fleet of company work vehicles to staff, it's important that steps are taken to protect both the vehicles and your employees. Placing dash cams in all fleet vehicles is one important way to help achieve your safety and security goals. 

1. Accident Evidence

Accidents can be costly for your company, so it's important to have the facts whenever one of your fleet vehicles is in a collision. A dash cam can clarify the circumstances surrounding the accident, including showing who is actually at fault. This can protect your business from unfounded lawsuits and protect employee drivers from false accusations. It also protects against fraudulent accident claims, which unfortunately can be an issue as some people see a company-owned vehicle as an easy mark for false collision claims. 

2. Driver Accountability

Employee drivers often use more caution and care when a dash cam is present because they know their driving habits may be monitored. You will also have the ability to check in on driver's so that periodic reviews of the their driving behavior and safety protocols can be monitored. More accountability increases safe driving behavior and reduces the chances of an accident. 

3. Vehicle Security

Sometimes your fleet vehicles are most at risk when they aren't in active use. A fleet vehicle makes a prime target for thieves because there is a chance that there are expensive tools present to steal and fleet vehicles may be left untended for extended periods of time. There are dash cams available that run even when the car isn't on, so you can monitor the security of the vehicles remotely in real time. This ability can reduce the chances of theft and vandalism or at least provide evidence for prosecution if a security issue does occur.

4. Time Tracking

One challenge with employees that work on the road can be time management because there is no good way to monitor breaks or even if the employee is where they are supposed to be. Combining dash cams with a GPS monitoring system can help ensure staff is going where they are instructed and not spending time on personal errands or tasks while on the clock. 

5. Insurance Savings

Keeping a company fleet is expensive, but don't look at dash cam installation as just another expense. Not only do these cams pay for themselves when it comes to safety, security, and accident protection, but they can also save you money directly. Many insurance companies provide discounts for fleets with dash cams installed.

Contact a dash cam provider to learn more about available options.