Useful Advice When Requesting A Utility Refund

If there's ever a period where you feel like you were overcharged for utilities, such as electrical or water, you may be entitled to a refund. Mistakes happen often with utility billing after all. To handle your refund process correctly from start to finish, be sure to take these actions.  

Show Proof of the Overcharge

The only way you'll have a good shot at getting a utility refund is if you can prove you were overcharged. There are a couple of ways you can gather proof, fortunately. For instance, you can go back through your utility bills and see if there are any errors.  

If you don't have the time to perform extensive analysis, then you can always hire a company to perform a utility audit. They'll go through all your utility bills to make sure they're fair. If there is an overcharge, they'll be sure to find it. 

Keep Tabs on Your Refund 

After submitting an official request for a utility refund because of an overcharge, make sure you keep tabs on your refund. You don't want to just move on because you may forget and subsequently not get the money you're entitled to.

If your utility company has a portal system, then this is the best way to track your refund. You'll probably need an account number to check the status of your refund at any point. Otherwise, you can just call the utility company and speak with a representative. Keep checking on the refund's status until you know for sure it hits your account.

Verify Personal Information Is Correct

In order to successfully receive a utility refund for an overcharge, your personal information needs to be accurate. If you plan to get paid electronically, then make sure your bank information or credit card details are on file and accurate. 

Whereas if you want the utility company to send you a check or cash in the mail, verify your mailing address is correct. Even such a simple step can make all the difference in the world when getting a utility refund. You can avoid a drawn-out, stressful process.

Being overcharged for utilities isn't an ideal situation because you work hard for your money and there may be only so much of it to spend each month. If it happens to you, respond swiftly and strategically when seeking a refund. You can then right this wrong without jumping through a bunch of hoops.