3 Things To Check Before Purchasing Live CBD Hemp Clones

Purchasing clones is an easy way for you to start growing your own hemp. A clone is basically a small cutting or shoots that you can plant and cultivate. When it comes to purchasing clones in-person, you are going to want to carefully examine the clones to make sure you are getting the best possible starter plant. Thing #1: Check the Root System First, you are going to want to check the root system. Read More 

Frequent Check-Ins Are A Valuable Part Of The Engineering Consulting Process

It's nice to think that if you need plans drawn up for an engineering project that you can just give some information to the civil engineers and get finished plans in return. That's not what really happens. Instead, you and the engineers will arrange to meet (either in person or through phone or electronic communication) a number of times during the whole project to ensure everyone is in agreement about how things are going and which way they're going. Read More 

How To Get Your Labradoodle Breeding Business Noticed In Your Community

Being a breeder of a designer dog, such as the labradoodle, can be profitable: some designer pups are worth even more than their purebred parents are. In the dog breeding world, the right combination of popular breeds can be financially worth it: people may be lining up to buy your pups before they're even born, which brings you financial security and allows you to keep your prices competitive and in your favor. Read More 

Is Now A Good Time To Sell Gold Jewelry?

As the pandemic is front and center on the minds of many, there are others who are simply worried about feeding their families. For some families, this comes down to making simple choices about things like the decision to sell gold jewelry to help put food on the table and keep the lights on while facing unemployment, lower wages, fewer hours, and other calamities related to the virus that is sweeping the nation. Read More 

Dreaming Of A Green Christmas

It's no secret that there are too many single-use items clogging the waste stream these days. The holidays can be wrought with single-use items -- disposable tableware, wrapping paper and bags, and in some cases, the gifts. Fortunately, there are reusable options available for greening up your holiday celebration so that it's less wasteful and more environmentally friendly. Tableware Holiday entertaining and gift exchanges usually include a shared meal or snacks. Read More