Everything You Need To Know About Mailing Tubes

When you are a kid, receiving a package shipped in a mailing tube was a treat. In fact, with the exception of the refrigerator box, there is no greater cardboard packaging. A mailing tube can be used as a sword to fight imaginary dragons, a telescope to see distant galaxies, and even as an alphorn to signal passing shepherds. As an adult, mailing tubes are still essential, but their purpose is very different. Read More 

3 Popular Applications Of Coastal And Marine Recycled Plastic Textiles

Today, the focus on utilizing more sustainable materials has gained tremendous momentum across different industries. The practice of manufacturing useful products from coastal and marine recycled plastics has become more popular than before. Companies are now embracing the collection and complete transformation of plastic waste littered in various water bodies to manufacture high-quality, friendlier textiles for the environment. Such fabrics can be used for a wide range of applications. Read on to learn more about them: Read More 

How To Use Grinding Machines In A Controlled And Safe Way

In order to reduce the particle size of materials, a grinding machine is the preferred instrument. It can support all sorts of materials and lead to refined results at the end. That's especially true if you observe these protocols when using grinding machines for a project. Respond to Wheels After They Become Worn You don't want to keep using a grinding machine that has a worn wheel. That's going to potentially damage materials you're grinding and also affect various components on the grinding machine itself. Read More 

Helpful Tips For Investing In An Antique Sword

You might be interested in antique swords, and you might have decided that you want to purchase one to display in your home or that you want to start a whole collection of antique swords. These tips can help you out if you're interested in investing in an antique sword for the first time. Choose the Right Type of Sword First of all, you might know that you like old swords, but you might not be sure of which type of antique sword you want to purchase. Read More 

What Fleet Managers Should Know About Telematic Modules

One of the biggest modern advancements in fleet management has been the telematics module. You can attach the module to a vehicle and implement a fully featured tracking system. It's important to understand what a telematics module does before you commit to buying a specific model. 5G Connectivity The standard configuration for a telematics system is to connect it to a database using cellphone systems. Since the advent of 3G wireless, this has been a feasible solution that provided more than enough bandwidth to transmit basic data. Read More